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I saw X-men III, Superman Returns and Pirates of the Carribean: The Dead Man's Chest over last 2 weeks. When we went to X-men, we were actually planning to go to some chick flick as superman and pirates haven't been out, but went into this X-men in the last minute and it was good, great actually.. I would have missed it if I dint do that. After watching X-Men III, I'm now planning to rent dvds of first 2 parts.

Superman: With all the hype by rediff, I was very eager to watch it. We went to this movie the day after we watched X-men and it was good too.. but I dont think its worth all that hype.. It was good.. may be very good.. but give me spidey II (not spidey 1) anyday. I watched superman again in Tampa.. the reason being it was I-max 3d theater. After like 3-4-5 unsuccesful attempts all through the week, we finally watched the last show of the day, the day before I was starting back. The 3D experience, particularly the Imax experience with that awwwwwesome sound quality and biiiggg screen was just awwesome.!

Pirates: What do I say about it? I'm a great fan of Johnny depp (along with Gurudutt, Pawan Kalyan, Aamir, Amitabh etc from different genres) since ages even before Pirates-I, becuase of his movies, his selection of unconventional movies and odd roles . I just loved Pirates-I not just because Johnny starred but because it was great. But we weren't actually planning to watch Pirates II the day we watched it as we didn't know that it is being premiered in the Imax theater that day (thursday, the day before its official release in US) at 12 in the night. We were there for Superman (it was 2nd or 3rd unsuccessful attempt to watch it before we finally watched it in I-max) and were so disappointed that it wasn't being screened but just jumped with excitement when we came to know abt this pirates premiere. The movie awweessome.. The Imax sound and visul quality enhanced the experience.. the movie was almost 3 hr long (2 hr 45 minutes) but doesn't drag a bit.. Must watch movie. You can miss out on Superman, may be, but not this one. I lloved it. I just read the rediff acrticle that it is top weekend grosser of all time, breaking Spidey's record, top single day grosser of all time breaking the record set by Star Wars III. It is also the first to cross the $100-million mark in two days. yoohooo..!!!

I also watched Cars and click in the past 2 weeks, I liked cars.. No comments on click.

I also watched Kanyasulkam. చాలా బాగుంది.. NTR ఎంత బాగున్నాడో.. సావిత్రి ఐతే ఇంకానూ.. చిన్నప్పుడు ఎప్పుడో కన్యాశుల్కం చదివాను కానీ పాత్రల పేర్లు అవీ గుర్తులేవు.. కథ లీలగా గుర్తున్నా. సినిమాలో ending మార్చారు గానీ బాగుంది. మొన్న ఇండియా నుంచి తెచ్చుకున్న పుస్తకం మళ్ళీ చదవాలి. CD quality బాగుండుంటే ఇంకా బాగుండేది. Last 20 minutes story అంతా jumple అయి ఉంది. కానీ మరి ఇప్పుడు చాలా పాత సినిమాలకి ప్రింట్లు దొరకటమే కష్టం, digital format లో దొరకటమే అదృష్టం అనుకోవాలి.


  1. first time here..
    మీ బ్లాగు బహు బాగు!
    even i recently watched kanyasulkam in US and really enjoyed it.. surprised to know there a people (like me) in US who still watch those good old telugu classics..

  2. on a movie watching mission then... :)

  3. Thanks rambler..!! But I guess there are lot of people especially of our generation who still watch old movies, be it in US or in India. I've been to your blog and gawd.. it was hard to understand your "ఎవరు నేను" in telugu. What is కూచికా్ఫలము?

    Sriram, Nice pics on your blog..!!

  4. I am one of those old movie and song freak. I consider Missamma as the the best film in telugu cinema.

  5. Ramanath, Nice to know. You must be frequently checking (you might already be knowing it). I dont have one single favorite old movie, I like missamma, mayabazar, thodikodallu, appu chesi pappukudu, pelli chesi chudu (It has got very good songs).... the list goes on and on and on.. And I have a few of em in my collection. Grabbed whatever old movies I found in my recent India trip.


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